Skinny Me Sunday #1

Recently, I was informed that one of the best ways to lose weight is to use social media to track yourself. I suppose the idea is that if I make my struggle public, I will be too embarrassed NOT to succeed. The guilt of letting down the handful of people who may peruse my blog should deter me from eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerrys. I’m dubious, but I’ll try anything not life threatening once.

Here’s me, at a whopping 232 lbs. O_O


I figured I needed to do the standard unhappy blank face common in any and all infomercials about weight loss, so when I do my after shot, it will look like not only did I lose weight, but I discovered what smiling is. Its a pretty important skill.

As part of this, I am trying some new things I haven’t before in my previous weight loss journey, one of which being diet pills. I should start by saying I generally don’t buy into fast acting weight loss gimmicks, particularly things that say EXTREME in the title, but this particularly gimmick I’m trying says they will pay me $5 for each pound I lose. Think of all the Ben & Jerry’s I could buy!

Although I’m giving it a try, I also plan on implementing some more realistic components to this plan, which include your standards like more exercise, better diet, etc.

I plan on posting something every Sunday about my progress, and hopefully the shame of knowing that if I don’t lose a lb I will have to post I have done nothing will send me into a workout spiral.

Here goes nothing.


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