Tuesday Tirade #1

I think its important to allow oneself to vent, to go on a word rampage of self-expression so passionate that your eyes begin to bulge and beads of sweat break out on your forehead. As long as you don’t go into cardiac arrest, its all good.

I’m much better at SAYING expressing oneself is good than implementing it myself. So I’ve decided to make at least one day out the week dedicated ti a healthy rant session where I discuss what really grinds my gears. Or whine about my first world problems and rage against the constructs of society.

More than likely, these entries will just be a chance for me to indulge my more narcissistic tendencies and ramble about myself. Gotta love the internetz. 🙂 So maybe tirade is not quite the right word for what these entries will entail, but whatever. I liked the alliteration.

When thinking about what I wanted to write today, I started thinking about what I felt most opinionated about, what in recent history really upset me that I wanted the chance to sound off about it. Then I started worrying that if I chose the wrong thing to talk about, I would end up having to deal with an onslaught of criticism and spend an inordinate amount of time defending myself or apologizing for causing offense. Then I found myself getting upset at the prospect of getting in a comment war from some guy who calls himself yankeehater97 and my day would be ruined.

Then I realized that was ridiculous. One, because I was having an imaginary argument inside of my head, and two, because resistance to one’s point of view should not be a deterrent for expressing it, since resistance creates a couple of unique opportunities:

1) Provides the chance to discover what you’re up against. Its all great to know that you want to save the world one puppy mill shut down at a time, but if you don’t know who/what your opposition is, you won’t get very far.

2) Learn something new. Now sometimes, the new thing I learn is that people are even more asinine than I realized…but I still learned something.

3) Figure out why you feel the way you feel. Its easy to agree to something when everyone else agrees, but as soon as you’re forced to defend your opinion, you determine why you stand on a certain side of the fence regarding a particular subject, and what about it makes you so passionate. Disagreements often lead to great self-discoveries.

4) Determine whether you ACTUALLY support the opinion/point of view that you are aligned with. Its not healthy to turn a blind eye to other’s logic and reason so you can continue your delusion of being in the right. Sometimes, what you had thought you think ain’t really what you think you thought…I think.

5) Lastly, it allows you to find commonalities. I feel that this part of the argument phase is largely ignored, but I think its the most important. If you can listen and indulge someone else long enough to find that common ground on which you both can stand upon, your opinion transforms from just an individual thought to another piece of a much bigger conversation. Our differences DO NOT have to DIVIDE us. It can be a source of enrichment and deeper understanding.

So, that’s my opinion, about…opinions. Yet I must admit, hard not to want to just convince everyone around me that I’m right and my way is the only way. More often than not, the reality is:





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