Humor Humpday #1

I definitely have a case of the hump day blues. I’m not feeling very well today and I’m dreading going to a job I really dislike later this afternoon. I really, really, really, REALLY  need a vacation.

Which made me think of going on a trip, which reminded me of how long its been since I’ve been to an amusement park, which made me think of Six Flags, and ultimately this guy:


Which brightened my mood considerably. So, to combat the mid-week blues, all day today, I’ve been imagining this guy, popping up and freestyling wherever I am. In my car, at my part time job, in my car again, at my house, at one point in the shower (which freaked me out a little), on my way to lunch, later on my way to my full time job, etc. Its impossible to be sad with this guy as your mental stalker. Confused and perhaps a little concerned about your sanity since an acrobatic grandpa has invaded your mind space, maybe. But never sad.

I also found this little gem below, and felt the need to share.

And this guy:

Apparently grandpas know what’s up.

And, on an unrelated note:




I literally lol’d when I saw that. Have to keep that in mind as I toll away in the all center today.

Happy Humpday.

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