Skinny Me Sunday #2

So today, with much trepidation, I mounted the scale to assess my progress.


I lose 2 lbs! Yay. And that was with me just limiting my portion sizes. 🙂

So I’ve decided to kick it up a notch. I’m giving up sodas and limiting my carbs (I debated whether I wanted to just do a no carb diet but I don’t think I’m hardcore enough for that) and I’m giving up…alcohol…or at least, actively limiting it…a lot. That one is the hardest for me because since I started going to school full time and working full time about two years ago, a glass or two of wine or  bottle of Smirnoff a night had become my way to relax. If I drank alcohol that wasn’t full of sugary goodness it MIGHT be ok, but since I can’t imagine not drinking something that tastes like cotton candy, its time to slow my roll.  I shall miss it, but I probably should have a healthier way to relieve stress anyway, right?

My roommate figured out how to make my XBOX work (apparently it was “user error” but I still blame the console for being too electronic-y) and I will start my Zumba Fitness workouts again. I contemplated doing Insanity, but I still too sane to try that yet.

Also, I am now drinking these protein infused shakes for breakfast:


Tastes yummier than it looks. For this one, I used whey protein, Greek yogurt, a peach, mango juice, kale, and coconut milk. This way, I’ll get my nutrients and hopefully postpone the “hungers” as long as possible.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. And anyone out their in the webiverse who may see this, if you have any tips or suggestions for things that worked well for you, I am open to it.

I’m over being unhappy with my body before I’m 50. This is one quarter-life crisis I am determined to conquer.


  1. Go you!! Any progress is good progress! Don’t need to be “no carb” to see some results. 🙂 Just being “low carb” will def make a difference. Try to stay under 100g/day for a week and see how it works for you. There is nothing hardcore about 100g/day. Please believe that if it was hard I would NOT be able to do it! I love food too much to struggle with a crazy restrictive diet. Bottom line, carbs will trigger hunger pains and tell your body to store fat. Protein and fat keep you full. So load up on protein and fat. Bacon, butter, mayo, cheese, etc.

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