Manic Monday #2

Well, somehow it became Monday again, far sooner than I expected. Despite knowing that the end of the week means the beginning of the next, Monday somehow always sneak attacks me.  Tricky SOB…

So, I accomplished some of my goals I listed last week. I created a budget, which I actually have decided to expand to the end of the year, since I plan on making some serious changes work-wise that will most definitely change my monetary flow rather drastically. Trying to prepare myself.

I did NOTHING on my novel last week, but I blame my intense focus on my diet…(and possibly my new obsession with Fringe…) But I will do better this week. I also didn’t update my resume (s) and I TRIED yet failed to find a psychiatrist, so the hunt continues.

I did  however lose 2 lbs, which is a big up and I did find a place to live. Its a super cute basement apartment, 2 bd, with utilities included for $800. Now I can REALLY start planning out my budget.

So, five goals this week:

1) Finish Chapter 7 of my novel. I slacked off last week, hardcore, and if I’m ever going to finish the damn thing, I need to actually write…

2) Complete budget for the end of the year. I looking at going part time with my current full time job in the near future, which is really going to shrink my funds. And limit my ability to buy shoes. 😦

3) Update my resume (s). Not that hard, most of it is already done, just need to tweak a few things.

4)Psychiatric hunt continues. Got 99 problems…don’t want being crazy to be one.

5) Lose at least another 2 lbs. I’m aiming for 5, but 2 lbs probably is a more reasonable goal.

One thing I’m thankful of today…well, I have a place to live at the end of the month, which is great because I was pretty freaked for a while. Also, its gorgeous outside, don’t you agree?


And my little motivational focus for the week

Its a reminder to try to be realistic and consistent with myself. Also, this blog was written by a girl I went to school with, and the fact that she’s out there making her dreams come true is  awesome! You should follow her:, particularly if you are interested in Public Relations/career advice. 

I hope to one day be doing amazing and impressive work. One Monday at a time I suppose. 🙂

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