Tuesday Tirade #2: Word Hate


So, a few weeks ago, me and a friend of mine got into an odd discussion about people dislike for the word “moist.” Mind you, I myself am not a huge fan of the word (if you repeat it too much it conjures of images of rather icky things), but I did not realize that it had become a thing of disgust for so many that it required hashtags and Twitter updates regarding the subject. While I  don’t have a personal vendetta against the word moist (its pretty pleasant when its included in a description of a pastry or sweet desert of some sort), it did made me think of all the words and phrases that I do hate.

No homo. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous and honestly confusing phrases that still permeates the social stratosphere.  Employing it means one of two things, either a) you are about to tell me something that isn’t all that homosexual, which then makes me wonder if you are indeed a homosexual since you mentioned you weren’t without any provocation or b) you are about to tell me something rather homosexual, by which you saying you are not a homosexual only heightens my suspicions and your previous statement has ruined your credibility as a self-proclaimed heterosexual.

Swag and/or swagger. Thank GOD this has pretty much died out because if I had to deal with people attaching swag to every Instagram photo of them sporting their new overpriced sneakers or even more confusingly, their thrift shopped outfits, I was going to lose it. Once people starting posting about how their cats had swag, I was out.

Ratchet. Aside from the fact that when this word is used, one is essentially calling a person a socket wrench, how the term is used  has often confused me. As far as I had gathered, ratchet should be used to describe someone, generally female, who thinks she’s all that but in actuality is quite wrong. Like, a girl with a weave she believes is particularly cute but the tracks are showing…ratchet. But then it started being used to describe places, things, statements…basically any and all things unappealing.  This mass application of the word has lead to what I consider gross word abuse and I honestly do not believe that one word should have so much power.  I fear for the safety of the English language.

I have to admit, however, I utilize a few particularly annoying and silly phrases myself, such as “totes” and “supes” and its pretty difficult for me not to insert “like” whenever there’s an awkward pause. So I guess the lesson of this tirade is that everyone says stupid things and as soon as one dumb phrase has disappeared, a new one will appear to replace it.

Doesn’t make me hate them any less though. 🙂


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