Skinny Me Sunday #3

Posting this kind of late today…I have a really great bond fest with three of my college friends…I love spending time with them. They’re not just my friends, more like soulmates. 🙂

Anywho…I was kind of concerned about this weekend b/c I would be eating/drinking while they were in town and feared I might just go on a bender and stuff my face full of god awful food.

I did pretty well actually and my weight now is at…226! 😀

I’m so excited to be seeing progress. I plan on keeping up the protein shake/smoothie thing (which I did this morning) and try to exercise daily. Its good to see myself actually losing and that I’m not just a failure when it comes to my health…which I have a bad tendency of believing…allow myself to see setbacks as an inability to do certain things.

Hopefully I can keep this up and actually accomplish this goal 🙂

Lates for now. 


    1. Yes, dieting is the hardest because I LOVE food. I’m getting there though.

      Thanks for the support! 🙂

      1. I’m lucky I’m a horrible cook and I don’t care about food.

        I can eat the same meal every night for 6 months straight and not care. Super hero powers I tell you.

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