Manic Monday #3

So, its Monday again. Although I always know its coming, it sometimes always surprises me.

So first off, 5 goals of the week:

1) Finish Chapter 8 of my novel. I’m essentially done with Chapter 7, with a couple of loose ends to tie up, but I am determined to get to the end of Chapter 8. Ambitious? Perhaps. Impossible? Well, if I start saying what’s not possible, I’ll never get anywhere, right?

2) Complete budget to the end of the year. Sounds arduous, but I’ve already done my budget for this month, and I’m attempting to figure out my transition to part time. Most of my bills I have figured out, and I really want a laptop so I can work on my novel outside of my apt that I’m currently in strong dislike with. Gotta calculate where that money is coming from.

3) Apply for grad school. I haven’t had the funds to pay the $30-$50 application fee to apply, but since I get paid again this week, I should have the chance to do it.

4) Buy groceries. I’ve been living off of fast food because I haven’t had the time/money to properly shop, But I get paid this Thursday, so there are no excuses.

5) Create trajectory/goal list for the end of the year. I have a lot of things that I want to do/be in the process of doing by 2014, so rather than thinking of them in the abstract, I really need to go ahead and write it down. One, so I think out an action plan and two, so I can decide if the goals I have are reasonable or realistic.

6) (I always add an extra one-no discipline) I want to start planning fun/free time. I work two jobs, so often I feel that I’m focusing on when or when I’m not at work and when I do have any off time, it feels wasted because I’m just sit around trying to recover from my week days. I read an article about how humans should plan out relaxation/fun times rather than planning when we have to do something all the time because we only end up worn out and drained. We shall see how this goes-not doing anything or doing something that isn’t exactly productive tends to make me anxious.

Thing I’m thankful for-I have a job to complain about. As much as I want to leave it, I know that this job can help me pay the bills until I can figure something else out. I’m also thankful that my ex-landlord is giving me my security deposit (that was a whole other issue) so I can use that to start moving towards other goals.

And my mantra for this week:


This applies to so many things. I feel that, going through my busy day-to-day life, I forget that my time is finite and nothing can last forever. I find it rather comforting.

All for now.


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