Talk here.

Talk there.

Talk me up.

Talk down to me.

Having fun?

Small talk.

Inconsequential and scattered.

Chit chat.

Floating everywhere.

Big talk.

Full of pride and anger.

You’re full of talk aren’t you?

Deep talk.

Going down way into the soul,

Penetrating something you never knew existed.

How did you get here?

You have gone, too far.

Cruel talk.

Intense and painful,

Buried so far within that it can never be erased,

Breaking me down into a million pieces.

Becoming so much a part of you,

A part of me,

That it can never be severed.

So much cruel talk.

May take a lifetime to mend the damage.

Are you happy now?

Is this what you wanted?

Are you satisfied?

No, you are never satisfied.

Gotta keep pushing,

Keep pushing,

With your talk.

Your BIG talk.

Your cruel talk.

Talking DOWN to me.

Happy yet?

Loud talk.




Coming from a place so deep there is no end.

Words tumble from these lips,

Could they possibly be my own?

Finally saying what needs to be said but never is,

Unleashing the full potential of my fury.

For a fleeting second, I believe,

Believe that the loud talk is me.

But no, it never is.

Just my mind playing tricks again.

But what does it matter, right?

They’re all just words.

They’re all just words.

Its just, talk.

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